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Healthy Salad Recipes!

Here on The Harvest Kitchen you’ll find a host of healthy salad recipes that are quick and easy to add to your daily wellness plan.

Replacing high calorie meals with big beautiful healthy salads all tossed with homemade dressings is a great way to fill your tummy. Eating leafy greens each day can be one of the best habits you can get into.

Types of Greens: Everyone has their staple favorites, but here’s a short list of some popular greens all with unique flavor and texture.

Arugula (also called Rocket), Baby spinach, Belgian Endive, Butter (also called Bibb or Boston) lettuce, Iceberg, Frisee, Kale (baby, curly and Lacinato), Mache, Little Gems, Mesclun Mix, Radicchio, Romaine Lettuce, Spring Mix and Watercress.

Salad Topping Ideas: Tossing in healthy ingredients will add nutrition and flavor and make your bowl of leafy greens much more filling and satisfying. Here’s a few ideas:

Chopped or grated raw vegetables, Roasted vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Whole Grains, Quinoa, Legumes (Beans and Lentils), Hard Boiled Eggs, Fresh Herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil and mint), Chicken (boiled, baked or grilled), Salmon (baked or grilled), Avocado, Cheese, Olives, Pepperoncini, Artichoke hearts and Fruit (fresh and dried).

Dressings: A good homemade dressing makes a salad complete. Be sure to check out all my healthy salad dressing recipes.