I started The Harvest Kitchen (formerly known as Delicious Happens) at the suggestion of my good friend, Malcolm.  Malcolm is a fit athlete and a national champion cyclist who introduced me to kale, quinoa, brussel sprouts and beets.  I try to keep the recipes here clean and thoughtful with good-for-you-foods that are essential to overall health.  After all…health is real wealth!  Gradually over the years, I’ve pulled away from red meats, butter, sugar, wheat, white flour and the like.  These days I lean more towards a vegetarian diet, though I do love eggs, Parmesan cheese, and I will on occasion share chicken and salmon recipes (for my paleo friends).

When I’m not in the kitchen I’m usually reading other food, nutrition and home decorating blogs, admiring photos in food magazines and cookbooks, or taking my 3 dogs (Gracie, Abbey & Ellie) for long walks.  Ellie is my 1 year old blind rescue dog who loves to wake me up early every morning to play.  I was born in Los Angeles, and grew up  in Newport Beach, California.   So, The Harvest Kitchen comes to you from sunny Southern California.  You will see the name “Kyle” mentioned here….. he’s my good looking son.

Whether your food tribe is vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, or paleo – I hope you find some tasty new recipes here at The Harvest Kitchen to add to your own personal collection.


This website is intended to give you information about healthy eating based on information provided from various sources. I am not a doctor and information on this website should not be considered medical advice.

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