Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Enchiladas

These Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Enchiladas make a fun breakfast or brunch to serve and an easy make-ahead dish to prepare. 


These Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Enchiladas are simply thin egg crepes stuffed with a healthy mix of black beans, quinoa, onion and cheese.  


Restaurant Style Salsa

This Restaurant Style Salsa  is bursting with a delicious combo of flavors, has a wee bit of heat,  and comes together in  about 5 minutes!  This is my go-to Restaurant Style Salsa recipe. It’s...


Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Bark

This Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Bark is loaded with mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, goji berries, raisins, hemp seeds, and of course dark chocolate.  It’s completely addicting!! This Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Bark is salty, sweet, slightly...


Coconut Water + Fruit Popsicles

These healthy homemade Coconut Water + Fruit Popsicles are like ague frescas on a stick.  They’re deliciously refreshing, brightly  flavored and they scream of summer. All you need to make these Coconut Water + Fruit Popsicles...


Meatless Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats

These Meatless Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats are loaded with black beans, Spanish quinoa, sautéed onion, garlic, fresh corn, red peppers and jalapeño, and they make a really delicious vegetarian meal.  This easy dish comes...


Chicken Chermoula

This Chicken Chermoula has a rich intoxicating combo of flavors and it’s quick and easy to make.  It’s pure comfort food with a touch of flair. Chermoula is a simple Moroccan sauce made of...

happy-fourth-4 PIC MONKEY

Happy Fourth of July

I hope you have a great Fourth of July with family, friends… and good food!! I’m getting ready to serve up a casual feast …. and maybe a pitcher of margaritas! ~ Deb  


Quick Cauliflower Fried Rice

This Cauliflower Fried Rice is a healthy low-carb take on fried rice.  It comes together in no time and tastes as good as take-out! Have you jumped on the cauliflower rice bandwagon yet?  Seems...


Arugula Pesto Potato Salad

This Arugula Pesto Potato Salad is likely to be one of the easiest potato salads you’ll ever make.    Tender baby potatoes are mixed with green beans and heirloom cherry tomatoes, then it’s all tossed...


Greek Potato Salad

This gorgeous Greek Potato Salad is chock-full of  tender red potatoes, sliced cucumbers,  red onion, red pepper, kalamata olives,fresh mint and dill, and it’s all tossed in a light lemony vinaigrette for a healthy...


Basil Pesto Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet which is why it’s called a “superfood”.  It’s loaded with fiber, antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.  This Basil Pesto Broccoli is a quick,...


Mexican Potato Salad

This heart-healthy crowd-pleasing Mexican Potato Salad is a little more sassy than your average everyday potato salad.   This gorgeous colorful Mexican Potato Salad is loaded with fresh crunchy corn, tender juicy ripe tomatoes,...


Detox Honey Lemon Ginger Slices

There are simple lifestyle habits that can make a tremendous difference in our health, and drinking water daily that is spiked with these Detox Honey Lemon Ginger Slices is one of them. Our bodies...


Summer Squash Soup

This nourishing Summer Squash Soup is chockfull of chunky pieces of zucchini, yellow squash, canellini beans, parmesan cheese and basil pesto, and it comes together in just 30 minutes.   If you’re like me,...


Cilantro Lime Quinoa

This fluffy Cilantro Lime Quinoa is simmered in chicken broth with caramelized onion and garlic, then  it’s tossed with a wee bit of fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro, making this a delicious side...



This crowd-pleasing Enchilada Style Baked Chicken is loaded with black beans, corn, tomatoes and a delicious enchilada sauce, and it’s about as easy as a chicken recipe gets. The prep time for this enchilada...


Spinach Berry Antioxidant Salad

Does this salad scream of summer or what?  I’m mean seriously…..just look at all the color in this Spinach Berry Antioxidant Salad!!  I am so ready for summer?  No, not the triple digit heat….what...


Orange Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

This Citrus Honey Glazed Salmon is marinated in a simple soy and citrus marinade with hints of garlic and ginger – it turns out tender, moist and deliciously flaky every time. This Orange Honey Glazed...


Lighter Curried Chicken Salad with Mango

This Lighter Curried Chicken Salad with Mango is loaded with tender bites of chicken, juicy mango, roasted cashews and a light and creamy curried spiced dressing. It just might become your new go-to curried...