Chicken Burrito Bowl with Quinoa


This Chicken Burrito Bowl with Quinoa is one of those one-pot unfussy wonders that pulls together in just 30 minutes.  It’s warm, comforting, nutritious, and it has an amazing combo of flavors!!  This is one of those quick and easy meals from stove-top to table thats perfect to make when you’re short on time – especially this time of year.


Gluten Free Boozy Pecan Bars

For those of you who love pecan pie for Thanksgiving – you’re going to love these  Gluten Free Boozy Pecan Bars!  That taste every bit as good as pecan pie – only they’re made...


Immune Boosting Broccoli Soup

This Immune Boosting Broccoli Soup comes together in less than 30 minutes.  It’s tasty, comforting and it’s a perfect way for you to nourish your body and give your immune system a boost as...


Boursin Deviled Eggs

These Boursin Deviled Eggs are a perfect addition to any holiday feast you may be planning this season.  They also make for nice finger-food to serve at a party.  These cheesy deviled eggs are...


Tuscan Chicken with White Beans

I slightly adapted this Tuscan Chicken with White Beans recipe from one that I found in  “The Whole Foods Market Cookbook”.  It’s a dish that you can pull together with the most humble of...


Low Fat Mixed Potato Gratin

This Low Fat Mixed Potato Gratin is an easy side dish to make that goes well with just about anything you’re serving.  It’s also a really great dish to serve a crowd.  Put a...


Gluten Free Cranberry Tart

I’ve been a little infatuated with cranberries lately.  Fresh or frozen – it matters not.  I’ve been adding them to my smoothies (like this one), so much so – I’m surprised I haven’t turned a little...


Minestrone with Gluten-Free Ravioli

This Minestrone with Gluten Free Ravioli is technically a soup, but it’s so jam-packed with vegetables that it could double as a stew.  


Benefits of Cranberries

The festive red-colored cranberry tends to show up on holidays (Thanksgiving and maybe even on Christmas) as a sidekick to turkey.   But, other than making the guest appearance on these special days, people...


Cranberry Orange Smoothie

Frozen cranberries …. I’ve used them to bake with  and make sauce for a holiday meal with….but I’ve never added them to my smoothies before.  It just has never crossed my mind.  Then I...


Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

I have never been a huge fan of butternut squash soup…..that is, until now.  And I have made many variations of butternut squash soup over the years, but I’ve always come away with the...


Vegetable Bouillon

This homemade Vegetable Bouillon is quick and easy to make, and it’s really great to have on hand for recipes that call for vegetable stock.  And as we head into the winter months (soup...


Black Bean Brownies

These gluten-free Black Bean Brownies are dense and fudgy, rich and decadent, and you’d never guess  in a million years that they’re made out of black beans.  These beauties are a new favorite in...


Grilled Salmon with Citrus Salsa

This Grilled Salmon with Citrus Salsa is a wonderfully simple, healthy and delicious recipe to pull together.   The salmon is brushed with a touch of olive oil and honey which gives it a...


Chicken Tortilla Soup

This Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of those soups that tend to turn up in my kitchen time and time again.  Soup is one of those foods that many people only really appreciate on...


Breakfast Cookies with Orange and Cranberries

It’s not often, but there are some mornings that I run late for work and don’t have time for a proper breakfast.  So, I’ll throw some kale, frozen bananas, berries and some hemp milk...