Crunchy Detox Salad

Ready for some salad love?  This is an ultra simple recipe both for the salad and its dressing.  It’s made with fresh, local and organic ingredients that are crisp and bursting with flavor.  


The inspiration for this colorful salad comes from the Whole Foods Market near my house.  Lately they’ve been serving a really awesome chopped salad that I buy quite often.   In fact, I buy it so often that I thought maybe I should just try to recreate it at home. This Crunchy Detox Salad is my riff on things.


Vegetarian Quinoa Chili

This Vegetarian Quinoa Chili is one of my favorite chili recipes.   It’s big on flavor, but relatively tame in the heat department.  The thing when making spicy food…. you can’t fix too hot....


Immune Boosting Carrot Ginger Juice

This Immune Boosting Carrot Ginger Juice is one of my favorite juice blends.  It was my dad who years ago introduced my family to juicing, back in the Jack LaLanne days, really before juicing...


Cheesy Quinoa Broccoli Patties

If you like quinoa…you’re going to want to have these Cheesy Quinoa Broccoli Patties in your life!  I serve them with an amazing Roasted Garlic Dip which takes these patties over the top!


Citrus Marinated Beets

I have been on this beet-eating binge lately.  I’ve been roasting them, juicing them, grating them raw, and steaming them.  Don’t know what it is – but I just can’t seem to get enough...


Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse

If you love Nutella, you’re going to really love this Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse with toasted hazelnuts!   This fluffy cloud-like mousse has a deep rich chocolaty flavor and little flecks of toasted hazelnuts....


Healthy Berry Oatmeal Crumb Bars

I know I should be embarrassed to admit that I ate the better part of this batch of Healthy Berry Oatmeal Crumb Bars all by myself.  But… for what it’s worth….it was over a...